Zimbabwe’s largest online music repository is now available on Google PlayStore

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Zimbabwe’s largest online music repository is now available on Google PlayStore

Zim Music Store App

Harare – 21/05/20 – Over the last few years Zim Music Store, through (zimmusicstore.com) has been leading the way as far as making music available for download, sale, and streaming online. They have since taken it a step further with the introduction of their App.

The Zim Music Store App will allow users to stream and download 10s of thousands of songs that are available in their evergrowing catalogue. In response to issues related to accessibility, the app will allow registered users to download their music on Wifi and stream it offline.

According to their website, the aim of their venture has always been to bridge the gap between artists and their fans. Having a single platform where Zimbabwe music enthusiasts can find old and new music alike will achieve this. The application is available for free download. Most of the music available on Zim Music Store is free to stream and download as well. At the time of release, there is no music for sale through the app, you can still purchase on their website.

Positive customer impact

The traditional methods through which artists have shared music such as Mediafire have meant that fans may no longer have access to their favourite album a year down the line. There are is a limited lifespan. This means that some of the most sought-after Zimbabwean albums are not available to download online. That alone is a travesty. Zim Music Store is working to remedy that.

“Having worked with artists for a while now, this has been a constant outcry from them. A product that is made for them and for their fans. We could not be happier to make it happen. This is a start for more platforms and products to come as we seek to build an industry that benefits the artists.” said Donovan, the founder of Zim Music Store.

Product Availability

The application is currently available through Google Playstore. Although there are plans for an iOS version to follow, there is no set date for its release. You can get the Android app on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.musicstore.zim&hl=en_GB.

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App Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.musicstore.zim&hl=en_GB

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