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Zim Music Store Team

The Vision

As a collective, our vision comes from various different perspectives of the same space. Jared was born to a British mother and an Irish/American father, but went to high school in Zimbabwe. As you would probably know by him contributing here, he loves Zim Music. His issue is: Why isn’t there a single place where I can go online to indulge in Zimbabwe Music? Paid or free.

The other three guys who make up our web team, 2 digital marketers and 1 cyber security expert were all born or raised in Zimbabwe. They all love the music. Their challenge is: Why aren’t more of the younger artists able to afford a life in the art that they love?

Why cant music offer a full time career to more and more Zim artists so that they can in turn focus on making great music. There is a barrage of talent, people who are serious about their craft and seriously good at it. These people deserve to be able to put food on their plate using their talents. Technology is slowing making way to the dawn of newer eras to come while these guys have yet been given the opportunity to fully embrace the one that they are in.

That is not right, and it should not be the way things remain. Our goal is to help 50 artists to reach financial freedom in the next 5 years. That may not necessarily translate to 10 artists a year, as we will improve methods with time in order to make things that work best in the current environment. There are many hurdles in front of every artist, but we know if anyone knows how to jump through these things, it’s the Zimbabwean!

We will start from the absolute basics for artists trying to get heard more online, methods to reach out to international platforms and be taken serious. Donovan will do some case studies of experiments that we will be carrying out, with a hope that someone can replicate these with some degree of success. We will answer questions where possible, hold as many giveaways as possible to provide resources and platforms for artists to thrive.

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