Director Manny captures Kariba Vibe

Coco weAfrica formerly Coco Master has been on top of his game since dropping Gokamu and Blessings amongst other hits.

2020 the afro-beats hit maker is at it again, beautiful visuals and of course bringing the party groove. Kariba Vibes which features  is a few months old is track which resembles pride in our local resort areas. The whole production plays a critical ambassadorial role which also displays pride in the beauty of our motherland. Kariba vibe adds to a list of videos that are exportable and meet international standards which leaves anyone’s doubt in local music questionable. Swaytherd who is on a steady come up dropped a decent verse on this track complementing the ever sharp vocals of Coco WeAfrica.

Though it has criminally become a norm to ignore the work put up by directors and producers Kariba Vibe is a well-choreographed video in which the director was able to capture the actual Kariba vibe any party monker would enjoy watching. Props to the director Manny who architected the simple and exquisite visuals which are convincingly high standards.

You can watch the video using the link below.

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