Tricky J Fara Art cover

Tricky J Fara(Jabula) Lyrics

Tricky J Fara(Jabula) Lyrics and Audio Stream

Tricky J Fara Art cover


Verse 1

We Turnin up for the weekend
All of my friends on a recess/
Gettin ready for some action
Feeling like im in the Matrix/
Double cup im sippin Jameson
Gettin happy thats the medicine/
Celebrating like we just hit the lotto
We havin a braai saka batidza moto/
I got my fat n my slim friends
Dark skin and the light skin/
Black folks , white folks
yeah you know we dont discriminate/
I put it down for my city
Ndinotenda MWARI
Yeah ndinotenda MWARI


Fara ehe Fara   … Jabula x 4

Jabula (until drum roll Then 2nd verse starts)

Verse 2

Memories of my past time
First time on i was on a flight/
Vic Falls thru the airlines
yea yea back in 99/
So young I was only 9 when my Dad died
So i cant lie that I cried all nyt /
Till the mornin
years later now my Mum is gone/
And Rest in Peace to them all and
Life must go on and
stackin money in the duffle bag
Makin sho Im fresh & Killin every track


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