Saint the Psalmist

Saint The Psalmist They Don’t know Lyrics

They Don’t know Lyrics


Yea yea sound city (sound city z da block ryt) you knw i tried to tell these niggaz that m on low buh they took advantage i guess now i gotta go in


They dont know im the nigga (they dont) *2
Had to take a long ride just to make mama proud
Had to take a few shots and some knives too in the back
They dont know im the nigga (they dont)*2


Zikutsotsi is the movement /we sneaking up like the boogey man/

I heard alotta rappers they all sound like dancers/tap dancing on the beat buh they rily aint saying sh*t/

There can only be one king/

F that crap bout few Kings/Now i wonder whose got the keys

Like rily whose got the keys?/Some of em been acting tough buh dey aint nothing gangsta/

Pull up with a couple tingz now you know ts goin down/

Big tingz wen i link up /

ts jus big tingz wen i pull up skrr



Niggaz wit torn chucks /with some bucket hats on /

Those are da typa niggaz u gon find in my zone/

Rolling joints in public thats nothing new in my hood/

i got OGs who can make a nigga feel good/

I got real ones in my section all bout that money talk thats da only conversation/

Chilling by da corner reminiscing/reminiscing of the old times/

Dreams of brighter days thats what we ever had/

So f what u heard man i came up from the jungle/

nigga had to b humble /

i usd to look up to the nigga tho/

God damn he killed my spirit /

imitating others rappers /

what happened to the king kong /

what rily happened to that nigga hu butchered the butcherman/

Like my plastic smile guess he z jus fake tho(that nigga fake)

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