Zim Hip Hop Summit

@ZimHipHopSummit in Tweets

Zim Hip Hop Summit in Tweets.

Zim Hip Hop Summit

The Zim Hip Hop Summit is a one-day convention that seeks to bring together artists and other stakeholders to engage & share knowledge. This is such a ground breaking move in what it has potential to achieve. One of our goals as a team here, at Zim Music Store, is to engage and help artists in the work that they do. This summit creates a physical platform for dialogue from all parties who love Zim Hip Hop and want to see it progress. I had the good fortune of watching some of the videos from the summit. My interest was particularly captured by a question by Sharky, and the response that Lady K gave to it. Artists and radio deejays are often at odds. To build a platform where they can converse and hear one another out is invaluable. We look forward to seeing, participating and contributing to more and more of these.

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