Lindi Marc rising gospel diva

Lindi Marc has been slowing rising to fame. She has been creating a name for herself for sometime, doing National Tours, getting nominations and even winning some awards. This South African based gospel singer was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She is a business woman, a songwriter, an entrepreneur a brand ambassador, a mother and a wife. This shows just how creative she is and also hands on.

Lindi was placed in the spotlight Vhurai Nzira. It was such a life changing moment for she never anticipated the heights she reached with the album. She received nominations as well as scooping some awards herself with the album. She gives all thanks and praises to God how she claimed opened the door for her. Lindi says her inspiration comes from various things in her life but most importantly it comes from her hunger to serve God. She stated that she loved to sing and dance for the Lord and everything else is just a blessing that comes from it.

The Gospel artist also talked a bit about the deal she landed as a brand ambassador. She has become a brand ambassador for two clothing houses, MY DMC SHOP based in South Africa and Chosen Clothing based a little closer home, in Harare.

When asked about her new album, ‘ Hour of Praize’ she talked about how it is a 9 tracked album. She said that it had a lot of messages inside and it was an album to help people get closer to God. Khulelani Chilli happened to be featuring the album also, making it an album to look for. She also pointed out that some of the songs were written some 15 years back and one of the songs she used to sing with her father. So to her it’s more like a trip down memory lane.

Lindi Marc has also worked with her husband on this album. Him being her manager has also helped her coupled with the studio in their own home. This has made making the music easier for her.

The gospel singer pointed out how her music is for everyone seeking God especially the non believers. To her it was an album reaching out to all the believers and non believers so that they find themselves in the Grace of the Lord and she hopes everyone finds comfort in her music.

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