Madei by Da Kid Verse.

DaKid Verse The Father Of The Son Out Now!! @dakid_verse #ZimHipHop

DaKid Verse The Father Of The Son


Madei by Da Kid Verse.

We have it here and now. DaKid Verse’s latest offering “The Father Of The Son” is finally here. I don’t know what is more widely anticipated this, or the Zimbabwean elections. I kid! Beyond the joke, this man really put in work to make this project what it is. We took time to speak with the man, just before the release. He was gracious enough to answer some of the questions that we had, as well as the ones that you too, may have also had. We looked at his heritage, spanning between Malawi and Zimbabwe. We also discussed some of his musical inspirations, which include Bob Marley, who is sampled on one of the tracks featured on the album. Da Kid Verse also looks up to greats such as Oliver Mtukudzi and Marshall Munhumumwe, who we adore.


The project features producers of note, and others that we had never heard of. So on the back of that alone, we are exposed to talent that we would have perhaps never encountered.



The first track is a prayer, for his son. Lord I pray, Lord I pray, Dear God I pray. If you haven’t watched his documentary, you should. He gives a bit more context about the tracks that you are about to listen to. Muringe is produced by Bleqboi, who also makes a cameo in the documentary.

Muringe can loosely be translated to “seek, make way.” I am no Shona expert, so correct me if I got this wrong.



Coming off Muringe, Energy adds that bit of Energy to a somewhat mellow start to the album. It features, Saint Flow and is produced by Jamal and Leekay. Both of whom, we had not had the pleasure of being acquainted to. Solid sound through out. The verses go hard, it’s almost as though he had to leave everything on the track. The intro to the track is perfect!



Squad has been an anthem for a while. We featured it here when it was initially released as a single. It is a celebration of those who you keep around you. Your squad is key to where you end up. That’s the message here. Hope ZikuTsotsi’s squad don’t pull up on you hahaha. Hanzi, vanotora yese yauinayo. This one is produced by Tanto Wavie. It sits well with the tracks that it follows on the album.


Ding A Ling

Ding A Ling has a dancehall feel to it on the beat. I don’t know what you expected, given the title. The hook is pure! A grade. I believe the hook was done by Lui V. He is also on the second verse. The boy holds his own on this one! It’s the sort of track that has you bopping your head along. Anonzi Xndr features and produces this one. Not quite his usual style as far as the delivery is concerned, but he too held his own. Beautiful track.



DaKid Verse says this one is a tribute to music veteran Leonard Mapfumo, who released a massive hit by the same title a few years ago. It was also released as a single leading up to the album. It showcases the vocal range of DaKid Verse as a singer on this one. He is not quite Ed Sheeran, but he delivers a great melody. Love how the instrumental fades at one point to let the man deliver his vocals from the heart. Whoever Maidei is, iDoti! This one is produced by Quazor.



So, this is one of the tracks that I was looking forward to after speaking with DaKid Verse in our interview. he mentioned the track that he samples Bob Marley, and was produced by his “little brother” from the hood. It samples Exodus, and speaks about issues that Zimbabweans are going through, as well as what musicians are going through in producing music, and the cost that comes with that. It features QBar and Kanter. In case you are wondering, the producer’s name is Tuquomplex.


Don’t Leave

This is another track that Anonzi Xndr features on. He is also on production, with King Kus. It is what it says on the tin. Its a ballad to a loved woman who want to call quits to their relationship. At the core of it, it is a battle of the artist trying to keep a grip on both love and music. Ukandisiya woda ndoita sei?



This one is a dreamer’s song. Nice Bhachi kunge Xndr. I am not sure what the abbreviation stands for, but the song is clear on what it stands for. If you are on your hustle, on that grind, this will make sense to you. Coz I gotta get paid! Quazor on the beat for this one as well.



This is one of those beats that pulls your attention right in. I was on my phone when the song came on, put that phone to the side! This song is another hustler’s story! The Father of the Son addresses issues of being a parent when facing hardships, not for a lack of effort. Laziness is not the only way to be poor in Zimbabwe. There are a lot of poor hard workers out there. Shit is just hard. It is produced by QBar.


Don’t Ever Freestyle

QBar on the track again. This is a freestyle. Love the keys on the beat. I am not a big fan of this sort of track, a battlecry on the offensive. He does mention that he is not even meant to be swearing on this one! Which is what I was thinking when he cursed for the first time on the track. The message is dope. The doubters are addressed. I won’t knock his experience as an artist, based on me not having shared them.



In my opinion, this is the biggest track on the album. This is the track that comes to mind when I think of DaKid Verse. Perhaps when I have listened to the album a few more times, my opinion will change. For now, this is the album’s finest track. I have listen to this one repeatedly for a while.


Hold Up

To close the album, we have Hold Up. QBar on the beat again. It’s a very different sound to what the producer has delivered on the other tracks. This ones is a love track. Boy meets a girl he likes sort of track. He makes reference to some old classics, like Nox’s Ndonyara and Soro na Mutsai. Love at first sight! Great way to end a beautiful album.



Production cant be faulted at any point. Perhaps that opinion will change as I listen more and more!

DaKid Verse delivered a stellar project on this one. Shout out to his son for inspiring this project. I don’t think we have any dispensible tracks on here. If I had to never listen to one track again, it would be the freestyle. Everything else is meant to be heard over and over again.

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