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DnL is a duo group that consist of Dennis Mangachena ‘aka’ Datafae and Eugene Maumbe ‘aka’ Lookie from Glen norah ,Harare .These 2 started making music together in 2013 were they where only releasing singles but at that time they were not serious about it due to school work since it took most of their time but the passion of making music never left them hence they kept on doing features with other underground musicians. In 2017 they finished their studies and they have rejoined to create what they have always aspired ,late 2017 they linked up with producer Tanic J and they created a sound for the Zimhiphop scene through their single called Usandinetsa which they are very confident its going to be an anthem ,they are yet to release more singles and an EP by the end of 2018 .For more Updates follow their social @DnL (DatafaeandLookie)

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