Winky Dee x Gemma in the Garden of Eden Reincarnate

Winky dee is a serial hitmaker with discography that spans from last decade he has frequently collaborated with different artist to capture and create some amazing songs that we have all come to love and celebrate his collaborations with female voices has been scarce to by only Ninja Lipsy has had the pleasure to create more than a couple of hits with Gaffa president. Gemma Griffiths introduction surprisingly comes with a Winky dee Musarove Bigman rendition which wowed the whole nation. She got the chance to work with her hero and create the love anthem which will believe is a hot record.


Oskid on the production proving the that Winky and Oskid have hitmaking chemistry. The song is an intimate lover to lover conversation talking about life and how they seek an escape from the negative influence of outside forces and reincarnates the garden of Eden experience. The artists talk about cheating, money, and friends who usually bring disputes between couples. He suggests they living like Adam and Eve forget the whole world and live happily ever after as one. The song carries singalong and feels good factor can be enjoyed and played anyway. The beat isn’t the usual hardcore dancehall vibe it’s in between to accommodate both artist flow and express this soul searching. Might be this the love song of 2019?

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