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Mr Hingis, real name Shingai Jangara is an afro hip hop artist, songwriter & producer born in Bulawayo currently based in Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe. His rap career started in Mutare at a high school named Mutare Boys High.

The school raised and nurtured Mr Hingis’ rhythm and poetry skills. He composed his first rhymes in a group named Funkmode Squad, which comprised of Joshua Mahaka and Munyaradzi Semwayo. From high school, he then moved to Harare his home town where he linked up with producers/songwriters Thabo Makaya & Sanii Makhalima at Makastrator Studios.

Under Makastrator studios Mr Hingis fell in love with production and produced tracks like Kubhinya by Sniper Storm, and Amazing Grace by Formatic. Mr Hingis has also worked with the likes of Delani Makhalima (mentor), Sanii Makhalima, DS, Take Five, Rontingz, Rayobeats and David Chifunyise just to mention a few. What inspired him to get into hip hop was because of its rich expressive artistic culture.

As a creative person, Mr Hingis saw it fit to be part of that rich expressive artistic culture found in Zimbabwean hip hop. Over the years he has released singles like My Moment ft Rontingz, Mazicash, Takusteppa, Bepa and Circles to mention a few. He also released an Album in 2012 titled MaBuzziness which was nominated for the best hip hop album at the Inaugural Zim Hip Hop awards held in 2012. He also featured on Sanii Makhalima’s and Cindy’s song titled “Everything”.



Nominated for the best male album in 2012 at the Inaugural Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards.

MaziCash released in 2013 consisting of the title Track “MaziCash” and a bonus tracks “About to Crack”, He featured on Cindy and Sanii Makhalima’s track titled, “Everything” and the song made it into the Powerfm top 20 Charts. Between 2014 and 2017 Mr Hingis has released tracks like, Shake them Off, Circles, My Moment, Takusteppa, Bepa and Hapana Bhaki.

The year 2018 he has released a total of 4 singles, Future, Vanotaurisa, Sabhuku and Jikinya. Vanotaurisa was on Starfm top 20 Star Hitlist charts for over 2months. Most of these tracks were mainly recorded using his local language, Shona.

In early 2019 Mr Hingis is planning to release is a second studio album, title and number of tracks will be unveiled in due course.

Mr Hingis mostly performed in small venues around the country, but his biggest performance was at the 2011 ZAFEST Concert when he opened for Fat Joe, Little Kim and Timbaland. The concert was hosted at Borrowdale Race Course in Harare. He performed at the same concert alongside other Zimbabwean based rappers, the likes of, Mc Cut and Dark Face. In 2018 he performed at the annual Zim Hip Hop Awards held in December.


Radio Appearances:

Mr Hingis has been interviewed on most of the major local radio stations in Harare, StarFm, Powerfm and Zifm.

Other Achievements:

 Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Sport
 Sports Diploma in Sports Management
 Founder of PADARE, a hip hop initiative that showcases artistic creativity found in the culture.


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