Terms of Sale

What to watch out for when selling music with us

This is something that hadn’t come to mind as something to add to the website. We are an easy going bunch. As you would probably know from our extremely ambitious goal of helping 50 artists build sustainable business models by the year 2022, we are crazy. We take your music serious. More than anything, we want models that put the most money into the pockets of the artist. Yo create the art, and ought to be paid for it.

What do we take from sales?

About 70% of all proceeds from sales go to the artist. Our cut will come from the 30%, minus the transaction fee that others will take. You get the bigger piece of the pie, as you should.

Will you help with launch?

When you place your music on our platform, we will provide you with free consultancy on personalised marketing strategies to suit you and your fanbase. We may even throw in a landing page for the album.

Can I track sales?

Absolutely. We will provide you with sales report at request.

Can we guarantee sales?

Only you can. We will do all we can to support the delivery of the product to the fans, it is down to you to deliver the fans.

How can I get in touch?

Use our contact us page, and we will provide you with telephone numbers as well as Skype IDs for your convenience.

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