Nkocy Hypnosis – Dreams Song and Lyrics

Nkocy Hypnosis - Dreams

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I said um this for the money and the cash
Said um this for the music and the passion
Oh man in this  gals  know  it’s gonna happen
Ant  no staying well we know it’s all about  action.
It’s go happen .I know it’s gonna happen
My dreams man they gonna happen
And in that action …my dream go happen


See me now see me no more .
No more games um ma do my best
Will kill with peace just to find peace in a peace of misunderstanding
Always  cure with silence just break all the violence
They can never dame my future as long
As um holding it
Thus the fact .
Will keep going till I get it right
With less lies…. always  with the fact
Course  they  so much to be grateful for
I appreciate it
Blood on the land… That’s something to die
Course we always  rise everyday to lay some soul
I’m tired  of being the one everyone
Wanna point on
I’m just here to chase my dreams course
Thus wat l will die for
It doesn’t need you to be a burger  or well known rapper
It just need you to full fill soul and see the rest after
Look at me now I just made  decision
Of being a rapper
As um doing this for the money and my kid
Course if they is no money you can miss me x2


Man um tired of seeing mama cry every day and night
Now I understand every choice  I make it’s a lesson
Now um go get this ….um taking abt money
Make a way I’m going for gold for all the moment s
Thus the truth l ant  go lie
It’s my moment l ant go fall
Keep buzzing l ant go call  and
Keep judging I ant go  stop
Pardon me um just tranna get a dollar $
And keep on praying everyday until I get the money lyk church
Don’t worry abt me mama
Your son is a king mama
It hurts but it’s okay Mama
And I will always be the mama
Even papa couldn’t believe .I will succeed mama
But your interlligence  made a king mama

Um in a road for the riches . I said um back on the business
I will never let go….never let go  x2
On my way to the riches course
If they is no money u can miss me.x2


How crazy I have  been  silence for a while
I can see this crazy hate ant gonna stop
Life is to short ..so wats up with hate
I will stand and fight till my worries subside
Lord  please see my patience .
I have been intimidated  ..l have been frastraited .
All of my dreams they have been shuted
Lord they  used to call me the beast of burdens
But now I’m. Back with the fruit of vengence

Man don’t know my pain  they think I’m getting paid
It’s all about the paper .it’s hard to be a chosen one ..
This life is so unpredictable …tholukuthi it ant measurable
To all my day ones homies .. whom still leading the race
Ngithi pusha panda ..ntwana  one days ..it’s gonna be revill x2
Don’t lose your hope no matter what …

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