Ndi Kacee TellEm

Ndi KaCee Tell em with lyrics @ndi_kacee

Ndi KaCee Tell em

Ndi Kacee TellEm



Ai Ai Ai
AiRule This!

[Verse 1]

Another banger alert
They ain’t no breather for my competition (my competition)
Maan I’m overtaking to the pole position (pole position)
I ain’t trynna preach to the non believers (nah nah)
My bars prophesy and I shall deliver (rrrrrah!)
Shout to AiRule we go way way (way way)
Day zero had no clue now we waaavy (waaavy)
When we make a couple racks we gon split it up (split em up)
The squad 263 and we lit it up
Lately I been chilling with your basic (with your basic)
I turned her cute ass into a bad bitch (into a bae bitch)
You never kept her happy she a sadist
Fuck your mack game yeah I said it
Tell’em I’m garwe saED
I’m from Uganda, Amini
Sandidenha ndoita hasha
Nd’gokuruma sepinjisi
Hanzi Kacee uri stingy
The whole game to yourself
Check my number iri busy
When they be dialing for help


Iwe Tell’em vaudze mhany
Kamfana kaivaitsvaga
Kavakuspaka pampaka
Tell’em vaudze mhany
Chimunana ndakachibata
Ndoraya game ndine data
Tell’em vaudze mhany
Handina nguva yemafakes
Ndino dealer nemafacts
Raw data
Tell’em vaudze mhany
Iwe Tell’em vaudze mhany

[Verse 2]

You be repping your city
But niqqaz treat you like hell
They see your game looking litty
But I’m afraid they won’t tell
They be cursing your shit
They say your albums won’t sell
But I’m attracting the love
From the fans they repel
I ain’t trynna brag
But brother man I’m on the come up
Coming up strong
Yeah I’m on my way up
I have the blueprint
Yeah I did the lay up
And Imma pray to God
So that I stay up
I’m a cool dude ndiri kuruwani
Ndiani ane chamba ndipo puru one
Asinganditerere muzukuru wani
Bvunza vanondiziva ndini
Mhonya in this game no mhasuru
Rinopenya sepasuru
Ndinonetsa sekanzuru
The Great grand-asekuru
When I been cooking ndochachura
And I’m like okay saTakura
Mazihits ndopakura
Vane nzara makaura
Mabars angu chibataura
Iwe listen ndataura
Vanondinetsa ndotapura
Mareal geez ndotakura
Nd’Bata game chibharo ndiri rapist
Mondibata with caution I’m a rare piece

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