ndi Kacee My Vibes

Ndi Kacee Releases My Vibes Playlist

Ndi Kacee – My Vibes Playlist

ndi Kacee My Vibes
Fairly new to the Zimbabwe music industry, South Africa based Ndi Kacee, Asekuru, declared his entry into the mainstream together with his February 2018 single Shuwa Here. The song featured guest vocals from award nominated beat maker Mclyne Beats. As a follow up to the drop, this individual released his debut video for the same song. The video had  accumulated  +10 500 views within two weeks or release. In June, Shuwa Here also obtained a radio premiere on the ZiFM’s hip-hop show, The Fixx.

In July 2018, Ndi Kacee released an extremely controversial song titled MaBonds which served as some form of awareness to the listeners as the country was bracing up for the general polls. It is at that time when he also announced that he was working on a project, dubbed the My Vibes Playlist, with award earning producer Fungayi ‘Fun_f’ Paradzayi. Shuwa Here and MaBonds stood as the two official singles picked from the project.

About My Vibes

The project features guest performances from Resilience Gze, Fun_f, N Jay-Oh, Don Zee and HHC. It carries a variety of 18 tracks which are over “various vibes” as defined on the first passage of the intro, My own Vibes. Asekuru balances the project with a blend of affectionate songs such as Cheka Hukama and We all Feel; grind joints like the Gze featured, Nhano and; a couple of bar on bar tracks such as Meja Pleya where this individual flexes his rapping expertise.

Fun_f is the professional producer of the My personal Vibes Playlist and this individual worked together with other producers namely: Mabeats Eshumba, Mclyne Beats, AiRule, TeeperGotBangerz, GuideMadeTheBangBang, QuilLz and CallHimEltiie. Beneath is the track set of the playlist:

1. My own Vibes feat. Don Zee & N Jay-Oh (Prod. AiRule)
2. Meja Pleya (Prod. AiRule)
3. Fredrick’s Interlude (Prod. AiRule & TeeperGotBangerz)
4. Shuwa Right here feat. Mclyne Beats (Prod. Ndi Kacee)
5. HotPepperPapi (Prod. QuilLz)
6. Cheka Hukama feat. N Jay-Oh (Prod. AiRule)
7. First Love (Prod. Mabeats Eshumba)
8. Brooklyn Vibes [Interlude by Brooke]
9. We all Feel (Prod. AiRule & CallHimEltiie)
10. Nhano task. Gze & Fun_f (Prod. TeeperGotBangerz)
11. MaBonds (Prod. AiRule)
12. Shambai task. Fun_f (Prod. TeeperGotBangerz)
13. ChiTerrific feat. HHC (Prod. Fun_f)
14. Du La Feva (Prod. GuideMadeTheBangBang)

You can reach him on social media

Social websites handles
Twitter: @ndi_kacee
Instagram: @_ndikacee_
Facebook: Ndi Kacee Asekuru

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