Only Son

Only Son
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Duration: 04:18Year: 2017
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Will-broad Only Son

Here it is, hot and spanking new. Will-broad’s song, Only son. I’ll be the first to admit that I had never heard of this artist until his track came through our recently launched submission page. I’m glad it did. The message is one of a son who feels the pressures that come with simply being who you are. If that is something that you cannot relate to, you are probably better than most of us.

The flow is solid, discussing the matter of seeking greener pastures amidst the racism and other vices out there. The hook is quite simple, didn’t overdo it. Verses are solid too.

“Taking the family out of poverty, the mission”

“This is the pressure of an only son, The pressure to be great because I know that I’m the only one”

“Like a nun stealing church wine”

There is some monotony to the musical side of things, which could have been improved with some variants in the form of instruments and progressions. That being said, this is a personal preference, hence not one that will be widely shared, if shared at all. Would love to hear more from this artist. Will make sure our team reaches out. More power to you, sir.


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