meek heir never

Meek Heir Never Lyrics

Meek Heir Never Lyrics

Sometimes I need to stop (never)
I think myself I need to work some more (yeah)
Sometimes I need to stop (never)
I tell myself I need to push some more (yeah)
Sometimes I need to stop (never)
I ask myself if I need some more (yeah)

Verse 1

Working my head off.
And keeping my head up.
I’m taking no turnoff.
I’m going the way up.
I’m starting to get into the game.

I see the road ain’t the same.
But my nigga I ain’t stopping at anything man, coz to be the best man I came.
And many people never thought I could do it, all of them calling me lame.
But I don’t care what they all say, coz I’m putting them all to shame.
I don’t lie, I’m turning to be better than them.
Look how all these people telling me boy, your message is straight to the heart!…
I’m happy but that ain’t enough..,I’m aiming the mind and the soul!…
I knew this music thing is in me!… Right when I used to sing back then in church!…
And the grannies used to burst out in tears,
I knew there was something special about my voice and about the story that I told!…
And something kept telling me boy you performing miracles at nine, man a bright future holds!…
Now I’m inspiring niggas twice my age, they asking me kid how old are you, you the future.
These guys surely got so much to learn, so everytime I hear that,.. I start to write down like a teacher.
I’m spreading good news like preacher…
Stay on your hustle, please don’t pull a muscle.
Work out your life out like a puzzle.
Don’t be a swine.

Stay on your hustle
And die on your hustle.
And work on your castle.
Don’t be scared of a goon.


Verse 2

Right now I’m staying on my hustle I ain’t scared…..
Nigga if you want to stop me.. come close.. if you… got the nerve…
Coz right now I’m focused I’ll never retreat.
I got some legends to beat.
And I got some money to eat.
And some demons to whip.
So don’t think my grind graded being like cheap.
That’s what you do when dream of Royce,
when you just walking on foot.
And you need a new boot when other are buying a jeep.
I’m feeling the pain way down in deep.
Man I got a family to feed.
I need to build my dad and my mother a crib.
My grandma, my aunts, my siblings a family crib.
My young brother needs to go to school and a nice one.
So everytime I feel comfortable
I tell myself this is no time for no comfort zone
Grinding giving the boy confidence
So everytime I tell myself in untouchable
Coz I know I work all night till dawn
Everything I do should be profitable
Many people are looking up me
So my hustle should last till I’m gone
Right now I’m working to secure my son’s son and his son
Coz this life ain’t the same.
I should really know how to play the game. (Aaah)


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