Maxy Jay TGonzi Zvatanga Tichida

Maxy ft TGonzi drop much awaited Zvatanga Tichida @TgonzImwembeu @maxy_jay263

Maxy Jay TGonzi Zvatanga Tichida

Zvatanga Tichida


Well, here you have it: The much awaited Zvatanga Tichida. It brings us a widely anticipated collaboration between Maxy Jay and the Zvenyu hitmaker, TGonzi, Imwe mbewu. I won’t burden you with my analysis or description. The proof is in the pudding. Click play above, or go ahead and download the track. Let us know what you think!

Simple one of the hard working young rapper has released his first video They Don’t Know now he has brought TGonzi for this thought provoking single of his upcoming Ep he is talking about what do you desire?  Being a ghetto kid means the desire has to be worked for to happen . If playlisted or placedon the blog kindly let us know

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