Mambo Cover Art

Mambo (Remix) by Michael Chiunda

Mambo (Remix)


I ain’t feeling all these birds right
Got the whole team like a taillight
020 that’s the birthright
Prayers in the synagogue
Yall going to speak through the intercom
Cause I aint got time so I hit it raw
Practicing my monologue
Thank you thank you it’s so me
I can murder any MC easy
Michael, Michael and no beef
But I think your rap is too weak, sheesh
Told you, you average
Told you I’ll come for neck cause my name has already been madness Told you, you bastards
Run for your life and we chase in the dark why we do it practice
The Hip Hop assassin all I can do is attack them
All that I need is a napkin, some wine and a chalice
Pour in the water, couple Hail Marys
Now carry your order, soldier!
I am an army alone
Son of the Hungwe I’m destined to dagger your bones
You came and you sat on my throne

Pity these rappers they nervous cause I’m coming home
Who got the title? Whose tryna battle with Michael I’m feeding you rivals To all my seasoned disciples, stuck in this cycle of slaughter and murder But I got this crippling denial
That I am a beast,
Rose from the sky then I dropped like a peach
4:45 I got Sharky on speed dial
That is my brother capeesh?

Yeah, Jeso! Listen
See I been tryna make these chess moves dawg
But you tryna play nhodo
I am no king but this blood is still royal
Certified thieves, and wherever I be
I got the connects like my bank account Nostro
Who’s got the fire like the dragon?
Who got the fire please ask them?
You are a relic, and I am a menace
Can tell them I said it
Load up the ammo, my people are ready
Your sound is pathetic who you thinking you talking to? Don’t worry I got the juice
I’ve slaughtered a lot yous, it’s what I do
Listen! I guess it’s time that I switch it up
Murder MCs on a regular, I’m a bad dude like Erykah So how you feeling though?
To the sound of my city bro

My brush strokes paint lyrical
Got your top 5s on the decimal, and they come after
My bars go terminal why you so pampered?
I am so flawless, now it’s established
You people got problems you can eat cactus
TKZ in the area, 4-4-2 while I bury ya
Imma take time while you flat-line and your whole team tries to carry ya I got the sound of the though
Tryna keep bad thoughts on the headboard
If I am so sick and I am airborne like the air-force
Should I press pause, or I blast off
What you here for? I wonder
He’s rap king, she’s rap god
Not impressed though I’m Suburban N’anga, Mage!
I’m the best thing since wrestling, interesting
Let me smoke this dagga, hey
A lot questions from your section bring your best then,
Where’s your real Don dada, pray
I’m a beast boy cause I destroy any decoy in peripheral radar, aim!

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