Lindi Marc

Lindi Marc Biography

Lindi Marc Biography

Artist Trade Name: Lindi Marc

Music genre: Modern Gospel                                               CD Title: Vhurai Nzira

CD CLP Number: CDMCM:001                                              Producer: Marcellus Moses

Publisher: Marcellus Moses Music                                          Released 2017 for 2018


About Life

Sensational multi-talented female gospel singer Lindi Marc born Lindiwe Phiri on the 4th March 1985 in Bulawayo Zimbabwe is living her dream. She started singing at age of seven 7, she sung at the school and at church choir. Lindi Marc is born in a Christian family and also married in a Christian Marcellus musical family.

Lindi Marc is a creative and professional music writer, composer and performer – singer who believes in composing original songs but sometime do acknowledge other writers music through sampling and rearranging their songs like the opening song on her debut CD popular song Ayikho indlela. Lindi Marc wrote and composes all songs with help of the producer Marcellus Moses.

Lindi as young brave girl child in Zimbabwe had no escape to daily tough and rough economic and social challenge faced by ordinary Zimbabweans. She couldn’t stand for hunger, starvation, painful suffering experienced by her peer at home as she also had sibling and family to look after like the rest she got an opportunity to face the word outside Zimbabwe, looking for better opportunity’s hence during 2008 she come to South Africa with one mission to pursue her music career; preach Great God Good News and Praise Almighty head creator. “Jesu Vhuri Nzira” it was the word of pray coming out of her heart when she plans to come to Johannesburg. She leaved by this word all her life that God will one day open up for new done for Zimbabwe.

“Jesu Vhuri Nzira” On her tough and rough journey lead by God, Lindi used to do  odd works for her survival and to send money back home, like cleaner hair salon in Johannesburg, and sometimes offered work to sell food in restaurants, she meet music producer Marcellus Moses who by grace of God became Lindi’s husband.


Debut CD (Vhurai Nzira)

Lindi Marc

Vhurai Nzira is a shona word meaning (Open Ways – Doors)

Lindi Marc wrote and composes a song Vhurai Nzira, with this song Lindi Marc is asking God to open new ways, Open new door for her, for her fellow struggling country fellows and for every one living under negative economic and social conditions.  God must open new ways- new doors to those new believers, to those new couple in marriages, to those new students of different educational institutions, to those in new position and responsibilities and so on.

Debut CD (Vhurai Nzira) has 9 – nine gospel tracks with Ndebele, Shona, Sotho and English lyrics – song words. It is an inspirational and spiritual gospel turns to feed peoples spiritual mind-set and emotional consciousness.  Generous Lindi Marc and the producer did featured South African gospel icon Khulekani Chilly on three songs. All Tracks worth to be listened as they also entertain including educating.  What make this project different from the rest is that fresh creative compositions and new sounds.


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