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Keep It Real Fridays

Keep It Real Fridays hosted by Seletine and Brian Willis is a podcast show from the Capital 26free station with the mantra free to say it and do it .Sometime last year around October I started to hear about the show and they finally got my attention in the new year the Tehn Diamond and The Elephant in the room episode gosh it was wrong in all levels your boy end up calling out Brian Willis if dunno he is a big Bro who questions everything and Straightforward speaker special guy also a Troll after listening to more episodes I got hooked have never missed the show ever since they occasionally give me huge shout out so I have my reasons why they have done more to Zim Hip Hop Community and deserved the Award for Best Online Media

1. Beef Makers

We all know that radio is rated so some words and phrases can’t be made on national radio. Tiara called out Kikky and Cal_vin which was infact the biggest beef we had this year which led Kikky Baddass to feature Cal_vin on a diss track Strive Masiwa . These guys are always fishing or make sure you let the cat out of bag .Fun F was on record saying I’m the God producer others are prophets which did not sit well with other producer’s leading to Fun F not making the nominations list of the Zim Hip Hop Awards. Tehn Outta Ten tour the drama surrounding the tour the guys claim being mistreated that episode though forrgive me forgot the guy’s name by the way but that episode send waves in the game, Does Tehn Diamond have fans or Huby Blake is more popular?

2. Gate Keepers

They have hosted what they called the Gate Keeper’s roundtable  which had PD the Ghost, Noble Stylez,Spekk,Lord Kirk and Leroy Dzenga .What the gatekeepers control and what they don’t have to control. #FixTheFixx the hashtaged trended with people calling out the host for being biased and stuff get to the hashtag for more information

3. Gimme Five

Here they take the unknown voice and give them platform to lace bars on a Cypher.I was impressed by Shingy Ling , Jay Muduza,  Miss Mcayz etc this give guys to be heard and followed by Zim hip-hop enthusiasts and of course the Cashbid rating is the cherry on the top

4. The News

Don’t you just love the news man cause I do these guys they do put in work to get the 411 and put it out there let people make their own conclusion. When I want to know about the weekend and what went down then Keep it Real Fridays got my back all the way unbiased and straightforward news

5. Brian Wills Segment

He gives you three girl’s one to smash ,freindzone and marry.Team Bho Boss was like Kikky already done that and sent waves in the whole game and twitter was not impressed that Kikky let Team Bho Boss tap it .

Keep it Real Fridays has been a wing man to the game helped the culture grow also give kids a chance radio would play in the next century and these guys are available for shows and albums launches they call it Amplified version they work hard its time we start putting ad’s on the podcast right? They have the numbers so lets do it for the culture

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