Dance with me lyrics by Rachel and Ashe

Dance with me Lyrics

Dance with me Rachel ft Ashe

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Boy you never know
Why you gotta go
The night is in control boy just let it go
Everything you ever wanted is standing right in front of ya
Boy what I gotta do when I need some sweet loving
Boy where you wanna go
The night is in control
We the only one in this room
Why you acting so cold now
Boy you my controller
Bby come on over
I know its irrelevant I just wanna dance like


Oh Nana Nana
Come and dance with me if you wanna Nana
You got me screaming like oh
Oh Nana Nana
Come and dance with me if you wanna Nana


I wanna dance with you mammi
You so wavy you move the club up like tsunami
Let the booty shake you know a nigga love it
I’ll make your heart beat with my kinda loving
Drinks on me only real talk no tricks from me
Bby girl don’t leave
Coz you know I got the trees
You know I got the keys to the house
And I don’t really have a spouse
And I would really love to spice
Your life up
Get you feeling hyped up
Like the pod piper
Then I’ll lay the pipe on
Yeah babe grind the booty feel the python
Tamba tamba kudai so
I’m so gone
I’m so blown out my mind with the way that you shaking
The way you got these niggas in the club all looking
The way you got an addict so hooked
The way you got these girls overlooked
Babe girl just sing the hook


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