Coming Home MC Chita Rue Tulk Munny

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Dope Collaboration

Happy Valentine’s Day ladies and gentlemen. If you listen to nothing else today, your playlist deserves to reserve a spot for this one jam. This is such a great collaboration, one that I could not have envisioned working out as well as it did on this tune. MC Chita eases you into it. For some reason, the way Rue delivered her part came as a pleasant surprise. Her talent is undoubtable. When I saw the line up on the track, my mind went to Rue on the hook, with MC Chita and Tulk Munny anchoring the verses.

There are no surprises from here on. All three artists did what they have become known for. Tulk was his usual creative and playful self on the track. Nice way to bring it all home. Pun noted, and intended. They are definitely coming home on this one. Big up!


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