Charles heir ambition

Charles Heir @CharlesHeir drops Ambition with lyrics



Yea Im Charles Heir the Catalyst
Drive Weigh Twenties Novelist
I be like a Herbalist
You be on my Patient list
And Stonner Tha Don with the medicine list

Verse 1 Charles Heir

Ndabva kuGather nemaShatta
Dare tatoCutter
Majaya kunovata
Mangwana toitamba
Kwakachena hama
Tablesser neChamba
Ndofunga zvakadzama
Chasara kunyora nhamba
Iyi Ndiyo yangu tsamba
Inobva makadzika
macho munodzimba
Kunge banga rikudzika
munyama uchibvinza
ropa kubva mutsinga
Hona Hona
Ropa kubva mutsinga
waka.iswa zvitsinga
mamhepo otodzinga
chimoto otodzima
vatonhora vadzima
Zesa ratodzima Rangova rima mudzimba
iwe wakuda kupinda neMwenje mudziva
Zvikufaya kana Zvikudzimba
Vamwe zvavo Bho
Vamwe Zvavo zvikudzimba
Hameno kana vamwe vangu vakadzoka Zimba
I hope tinosangana wangu ndichiri Zimba
Ndoshanda zvakasimba
mumhanzi ndichiimba
mumhanzi une mutsimba
Unotinhimira simba
matenga andipa Simba
chikwama chichazvimba
negodo vachazvimba
kunge kunge vane mimba


Negodo Vachazvimba kunge kunge vane mimba

(I been hungry all my life)
Chikwama Chichazvimba
(the stars are fallin)

Verse 2 Charles Heir

Maybe I took too long to make this happen
But Great things take time for them to happen
And some lost patience waiting for this to Rippen
But now im holding the mic so get the Hype in
Im here to represent so i hope you comprehend
My homies gave a hand so I can see it to the end
My Father I did Offend
Comprehend that I will mend
Im jus tryna be a man
Comprehend what I meant
My dreams are no Joke
They are solid as a Rock
Today I might be broke
But like Johnnie I still Walk
Tick Tock goes the Clock
Im under pressure like a Doc
Operating on the Clock
So I dont care if they Mock…me
Like an Eagle I fly
Im no longer Shy
I know I will shine
Coz I know what’s mine
Yea this is my Time
So like Optimus Prime
Imma turn these Rags to Riches before I die


Yea Yea Yea

[Imma turn these Rags Rags to Riches] x2
Drive Weigh Twenties
Stonner Tha Don

3rd Verse Stonner Tha Don

Charles heir..
This my life a projection and reflection..
Lets hit it

Certifiably adjusting, the ibuprofen.. intake to fathom how to music harmonious..
Sensei trained me till its strenuous..
Twisting reality red and blue call me Morpheus..

My level astronomic go and ask Copernicus..
I been dreaming big since I walked on all four appendages..
I got the bars to measure up to my ego..
I been deemed the weak and insignificant smigle..

But I pay no mind coz at the end of day I am the hero..
I dream of the cars night life and casinos..
Counting money no notes just the zeros..
With my Gee Charles Heir and we sipping off of that Smirnoff..

We know it’s lethal but we smoking it with a reload..
You toasting menthol? Are you down to causing a revolt?
Coz you talking outa touch to my Midas touch..
With a canister full of vodka and whiskyyyy..coz we balling so hard..

Now lemme take you back, this my life as it is..
(Tha Don x2)

All I ever wanted was the joy which transcended the sorrow..
In this cataclysmic inferno of a hell we’re calling tomorrow..
Day to day lives we living filled up with horrors..
With a past so dark it seems like devils knock on the door..

So why we scared of death like we own a couple hallows..
My life is a journey thus witness the lyric genesis..
Its polar nemesis is on the stand giving his reaper speech..
That’s the grim reaper sinor death now let him speak..

The innocence of the innocent burn with incense..
The corrupted erupting minds of the youth is fed nonsense..
The overworked to the hearse working class follows the masses.
While the elderly rest in peace and pity on the masses..
Society has chewed and spat us out like molasses..

its vile like an old man chilling in grannie panties..
With an over-chewed piece of gum gum-wrapper written masses
With an over-chewed piece of gum gum-wrapper written masses

I know ammo gon’ make it ammo have to be proactive
Ambition of a god Zeus inscribed in granite..
I know that ammo make it ammo have to be proactive..
Ambition of a god, Zues inscribed in granite
Tha Don


Shout out to my Cuz
Stonner Tha Don
Ark Legacy
Drive Weigh Twenties
We Here

Thank you for your time

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