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Rymy Ray

Rymy Ray

Zambia/Zimbabwe export Rymy Ray has been working in and out of the shadows. We are backing him to be a cause of conflict between the two countries in the near future, at they both claim him as entirely their own. Think Victoria Falls.

Stephen “Rymy Ray” Holland has a growing discography under his belt. These include tracks produced on either side of the Zimbabwean/Zambian border, with producers on both ends. Most of his projects have been produced under Guardian Records by Croft.

Rymy write his own songs, which are then accompanied by his commanding delivery. In his own words “Killing me on a track, Cant be done!” Quite the statement. His work ethic backs his words. We will let you be the ones to decide. If you are going with our recommendations, make sure you listen to “Move On”, “Butterflies”, “Dreams and Desires”.

Rymy Ray’s Latest Singles








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Rymy Ray teamed up with Zambian producer Kid Xoldier on this one. This is probably a tribute to his wonderful fiancé. “I was looking for a paradise, but a paradise I found in you.”

Rymy Ray’s Discography


 Hip Hop Resurrection 2007

This project was entirely produced by Croft. It was to be Rymy Ray’s first project. He felt that he was breathing new life into an industry that he viewed as being largely on the decline. Whether or not he achieved that, will be left to you and the other eleven members of the jury.

The Pledge 2008

A year after the Hip Hop Resurrection, Rymy Ray followed up with the pledge! This felt like a more mature artist was born. As with the previous project, this was the work of Croft.


The Right Moment 2009

The Right Moment followed the Pledge. Telling, it showed a further matured artist in his delivery and penmanship.

The Replay 2010

As part of a trio going by the name of Ecstatic, Rymy released The Replay. It featured Cactus and long time partner in crime, Croft. The songs vary in quality. The one to watch for is “Mamacita!” The intro will have you in stitches. Quite the way to get into a fantastic track. Shout out to Croft for the intro.

The Come up 2012

Rymy Ray ButterFlies

After a two year break, which included some time travelling and record deals that had to be abandoned, Rymy came back with the Come Up. This in my opinion was his best project to date. It included hits such as Move On. Production wise it brought in more than just Croft, with Jae Mak delivering something special as well.


Southside 90s Kid

Rymy Ray South Side 90s Kid


This is one that will probably grow on you. As a huge fan, it was below what I know the artist is capable of producing. Having listened to it more, I begun to appreciate it more. South Side 90s Kid was produced entirely by KC. It brought out the versatility of the artist, as these are not the sort of beats that you would usually associate with Rymy Ray.


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