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Ndi KaCee Asekuru

Ndi KaCee Asekuru

Who is Ndi Kacee aka Asekuru?

Born Kudakwashe Clarence Madondo, Ndi Kacee is an upcoming ZimHiphop artist who is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he is studying Accounting Science at the University of the Witwatersrand. He is known as Asekuru amongst his fans and within the ZimHipHop circles. Asekuru, an alias which came into existence as a result of his 2016 record single, Asekuru, which grabbed the attention of a couple Hip Hop followers. The song was later released in January 2017 as part of his first mixtape, The Lawd Gawd Tape.


Ndi Kacee has worked with a couple ZimHipHop household names. His professional career began in 2014 with Global Records in Harare. There, he met, Fungayi “Funf” Paradzayi who later became his executive producer. Up to date, he has been on various projects with artists such as Savage, Mclyne Beats, T-Ka$h, Ta$ha, N Jay-Oh and Chyllur, just to mention a few.

Hello Mula, 2016

In 2016, Ndi Kacee teamed up with the rising star, T-Ka$h, together with Ta$ha on a single titled Hello Mula. The instrumental was produced by QuilLz McSwayze (of the Dzikama hit). Production of the song was done by Funf at Global Records. This song gained huge street credit and following attracting articles from many ZimHipHop bloggers and critics. Anonzi Xndr gave an honourable mention to this song (via a Facebook post) on his “Best Songs of 2016” list as at August that year.  

Afrobeats & Shambai, 2017

Ndi Kacee Shambai


During the year 2017, Asekuru collaborated with a lot of international producers on a few singles. On July 12, he released an Afrobeats tune titled Choco which was co-produced by Funf and US-based producer, Big H. In September that year, Ndi Kacee collaborated with Funf and Kevin Mabz, a France based producer on a track titled Overdose. This was to become a favourite amongst his fans.

To close down the year, Asekuru a pair of singles Shambai and Perekete. Shambai was a result of a collaborative effort between Asekuru and Funf. It is a song addressing the principalities that we fight against in our lives. Perekete is a dance song which was made after a 5-hour studio session with award nominated producer, Mclyne Beats.

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Ndi KaCee’s Latest Singles


 Ndi KaCee Shuwa Here







Ndi Kacee TellEm


Shuwa Here and Tell’Em

Asekuru dropped his first single for the year 2018 on the 16th on February, Shuwa Here. Ndi Kacee brings out his A-Game on this kerosene joint. Arguably his greatest work to date, he takes a dig at a couple issues that happen around his life and the society. He takes us on a lyrical stroll through his life, from his relationship and competition,  to the reception the music gets from his targeted listeners. The jam features Mclyne Beats who blesses us with backing vocals and a melodious outro. The song was scheduled to be released five days after, on his 21st birthday, but had to be released earlier due to immense pressure from his fans who grew fond of the track from the hype it was getting.

Later in March, Ndi Kacee released his second single for 2018 title Tell’Em. On this track, Asekuru  effortlessly unfurled his full lyrical repertoire, drawing huge acclamation from critics. The song was produced by AiRule and is enjoying good listenership amongst streaming and downloading sites.

Shuwa Here with Lyrics:

Tell’Em with Lyrics:



Ndi KaCee’s Discography



The Lawd Gawd tape, January 2017

On the 18th of January 2017, Ndi Kacee released his first full project in the form of a 14 track mixtape. The mixtape was executively produced by Funf together with N Jay-Oh. Instrumentals were made by producers, Teeper Got Bangerz (of the Ammara song), QuilLz McSwayze, AiRule, Funf and Asekuru himself, produced the one and only Interlude in the tape.


The projected had guest vocals from Funf, N Jay-Oh, the UK based Chrixtian Black, Lloyd Soul, Ta$ha, T-KaSh, Eltiie, AiRule and a cameo from King Aktive. It gained huge a social media following and was available for free through zip download and on Sound Cloud. Listeners’ favourites were 22 Mins, Inoruma, Asekuru, Ndikati, Saturday Loving and Watch Me.


Download Mixtape



Resucitar Mixtape, 2018.

In January 2018, Asekuru released an unannounced second mixtape on the 11th of January. Titled Resucitar, which means resurrection in Spanish, his fans believe it was a resurrection back to his rap life as he had been riding on the Afrobeats wave on his prior projects. Asekuru goes HAM with bars-on-bars on this 6 track project. The listeners’ favourites were R.O.A.L, Ndini and Resucitar, the title track.





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