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Guti Razor Family

Guti Razor Family is a Zimbabwean emcee, born in Addis Ababa and currently living in the UK. Guti started rapping at a young age and draws influence from a wide range of artists. Nas, Raekwon, A Tribe Called Quest, Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane to name but a few. He endeavors to make his music digestible for a large audience while staying true to his passion for lyricism and the art form.

Guti started making his own music while attending Thistley Hough High school in Stoke-on-Trent, developing his skills with Parradox, Vacant and Forbidden Tongues of Manchester. Guti moved back to Harare when he was 19, he thought he might not pursue rap any longer however he soon met District 9 of Spinalong Music.

From there it was late. After dropping the cult classic The Darkest of Blue he continued to perfect his craft at the Eastlea studio working closely with Dhidha, Filistine, Bronx, Airmac and Sway Th3rd. Although his brand of hip hop is quite different from his label mates he was afforded the freedom to create as he pleased. Some of his best works are “Zvinhu”, Bronclear”, “Nephillim” prod Airmac, “Thigh Shapes” & “Cocohontas” prod Ben Esser to name but a few.


It was such a joy for him to reconnect with his roots and make art with other young talented Zimbabweans, it has forged a style that is truly unique dipping in and of Shona and English effortlessly with a heavy usage of the colourful slang that is only heard in the city that does not sleep. As time progressed and Spinalong grew in size and stature Guti met Jintzu Okazaki of House of Ham who is currently handling the majority of the production. Jintzu’s eclectic style is proving to be a perfect compliment to Guti’s equally adventurous custom.


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Jah Armour


Sky Blue True Colours

Sky Blue is the culmination of all the works and life experience since T.D.O.B.  The course of time, ups and downs, many self inflicted, framed by the general economic situation in Zimbabwe have changed and matured “Don Razor” in a way that might not have occurred had he stayed in the relative comfort of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The music is still dope but it’s now coupled with a positive message keeping in line with the great 90s emcees that he revered so much while remaining up to date. From the haunting trap smash Jah Corona (Jintzu) and the pulsating “Jah Armour” (GXGVX)  to the introspective “Jah Reign” Sky Blue is a feast for the ears and soul.


  1. Intro
  2. Jah Armour
  3. 1 Commando
  4. Jah Corona
  5. Open
  6. Sky Blue
  7. Jah Reign
  8. He thinks of me
  9. Air Tight
  10. Outro



produced by Jintzu Okazaki
produced by Jay 4orty Five


Keeping in step with the ways of his Nbebele mother and Shona father, Guti continues to mix styles. Having performed in Harare, Stoke on Trent & Manchester gaining listeners  all over the planet it is his intent to spread his music as far as possible. “All I want is for the world to know my stee.” –  Phife Dawg RIP.

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