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The Zimbabwean rapper, ElNathan Chitewe, known as EL CHITS hails from Bindura, a town north of Harare. Clearly a talented wordsmith, he has won the hearts of his fans who call his music; the “music of hope”, because that is what it speaks about. He cites his main influences as the Hip Hop artists he spent his youth listening to. He honed his skills as a rapper by free-styling for his peers and constantly writing about what he was going through.

While at College studying Telecommunications, he worked on some music with Duchi and made the acquaintance of Nyasha Timbe. They went on to produce a Concept Mixtape called Mukundi together that spawned the “Mambo weSwagger” song.

The following year after touring and graduating from his course, EL CHITS began to seriously concentrate his efforts on his music career. He released his 2ndmixtape titled Mukundi: Im A Viktor RELOADED in 2014 and it go him his 1stnomination at the Zim Christian Hip Hop Awards. The buzz around this new talented Bindura rapper started to build and influential music industry insiders including Prometheus and the then Miss Carnival, were hyping up, sitting up and taking notice.

Mambo weSwagger made Power FM’s Zim Hip Hop Top 10 songs of 2014 at #8.  The project had songs like Mukundi and Open Doors that really got people talking and a lot of personal testimonies. He then released his debut album; “Aspects Of Life” in 2015 as an independent artist. This was closely followed by single tracks he did with Duchi, C Verb, Brity Yonly and JNims Blessed.

By then, EL CHITS was really building up a reputation as someone to watch in Zim Christian Rap and Hip Hop. The album got him 2 nominations from the Zim CHH Awards and 1 from the Marondera Music Awards.

Unfortunately, 2016 was a tough year for him and his family as his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. His music career did not survive this phase as he had other priorities to focus on. He kept writing music although he is yet to return to recording.

EL CHITS has continued to grow as an artist and he has been working on writing new music that will see his return in 2019. He is refocused and ready to fulfill the mission he had before as he pens his mixtape titled T.R.O.A.K which stands for The Return Of A King.


El Chits’ Latest Singles

El Chits’ Discography


Mukundi Mixtape

El Chits Mukundi: Im A Viktor RELOADED Mixtape


Mukundi Tracklist

  1. Background Rmx
  2. Kamunakiro Kedu ft Trish
  3. Amen ft Snowy
  4. Mambo weSwagga ft Nyasha Timbe
  5. I Need You ft Trish
  6. Come Alive-J NIMS ft El Chits
  7. Changu Chikomborero
  8. My Team(MaFes Angu)
  9. I Need You{Duchi Remix}
  10. Mighty-Cliff Spears ft El Chits
  11. Mukundi [Im A Viktor] ft Nyasha Timbe
  12. Um In The Light ft Ray Cee
  13. Open Doors ft Trish
  14. Coming Back ft Trish

Aspects of Life

El Chits - Aspects Of Life


01. TJs Words [Intro] (01:14)
02. Make Me Better (feat. Jonah) (04:44)
03. Done With It (feat. T-Crane) (04:05)
04. Moments (03:51)
05. Light My City (feat. East Messenger) (02:31)
06. Great Hope (feat. Leo) (04:20)
07. Go Hard [ Hustlaz Anthem] (03:50)
08. Way Out (feat. Esqol) (03:54)
09. Outro by J NIMS Blessed (01:23)

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